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Our 15-year old company has evolved from its roots in the telecommunications industry to an investment holding company with an investment portfolio under management of over R 1 billion.  This evolution has entrenched a set of brand values and a distinct philosophy that forms the framework on which we strive to achieve our ambition of creating value for all our stakeholders.

We’re not just another investment company.  We know that it is passionate, intelligent and driven people that create value. That is why we invest in people who inspire us.  Our purpose challenges us to create value by backing the right people – natural leaders who mirror our values and are as passionate about their organisations as we are about delivering results to our stakeholders.  We believe that this clarity of purpose and people-focus will help set us apart from our competitors.

If the Huge Group purpose is our ‘why’, then the Huge Group proposition is our ‘what’.  We care more about meaningful investments than simple transactions.  We seek to understand every detail, learn about the people and their processes, immerse ourselves in the minutiae of every opportunity we consider.  This is our promise to our stakeholders – when we undertake an investment, our decision is an intelligent, objective one about which we feel passionate and where we are confident that we can nurture an organisation that can deliver significant value.    


Heartfelt Equality 

We suffer no airs and graces. Everyone, from our Board members down to our most junior employees are treated with respect and equality. This extends to our partnerships, where we always seek to do equitable transactions where all parties are winners.

Meticulous Detail

Our track record has been built on a long history of always being aware of the finer details.  We don’t accept information at face-value, even from trusted sources, unless we have reviewed, understood, and analysed each metric.  This leads to a full understanding and allows better decision-making!  We strive to immerse ourselves in the minutiae of every facet of every investment in our portfolio.

Old School Integrity

To us, honesty and integrity mean always doing the right thing, no matter who is looking.  Our Word is our Bond and is not lightly given.  Trust is earned through every engagement.  We expect only the highest standard of integrity from our people and enjoy working with partners who hold similar, old-school values in high regard. 

Respectfully Challenging

One cannot grow if one’s ideas remain static – which means that we have to be challenged to broaden our knowledge and grow.  We enjoy being challenged!  We employ people who think critically and are unafraid to speak their mind.  However, we recognize that without respect, this is a recipe for conflict and as such actively practice the ‘respectful challenge!’

Serious About Results

Our ambition is to create meaningful value for all our stakeholders.  This is dependent on delivering consistent results in all of our endeavours.  From our internal performance-management focus to our external investment performance monitoring, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and take results very seriously!  Every member of our team has been hand-picked because they strive for excellence.  This is a non-negotiable part of both our recruitment policy and our investment strategy! 

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