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Huge Group is a South African investment entity that listed on the AltX in 2007 and moved to the Main Board of the JSE in 2016. With our investment philosophy, we aim to identify high value, specialised, investment opportunities while leveraging our in-depth investment expertise, predominantly in information technology-focused and related sectors.  

Over the past decade, we have focused our efforts on building a future-ready investment ecosystem with a solid architectural foundation. We have done so by making carefully selected investments in companies with specific attributes that enable Huge Group to unlock exponential value for its stakeholders.


These investments have uniquely positioned Huge Group. As testimony to this, Huge Group had a reported net asset value (excluding goodwill) for the year ending 28 February 2015 of R37 million. For the year ending 29 February 2024, Huge Group’s reported net asset value is R1 582 million, representing an almost 50-fold increase over a decade and demonstrating Huge Group’s ability to create exponential value.

We feel that we are finally ‘coming of age’ and it is our collective ambition to provide shareholders and funders, potential investors, and other interested stakeholders with meaningful insight into our leadership, investment activities, and governance structures and how these support our purpose and contribute to building the value of our investment portfolio while continuing to expand our ecosystem, enhance its agility, and find innovative propositions.


This ambition is cultivated by the collaborative partnership that exists between the entrepreneurs that run our portfolio investment companies (PICs), the network of subject-matter experts, specialists, engineers, technicians with whom we engage, and the many talented people that make up our PICs’ aggregate staff complement of approximately 300 employees, who work hand-in-hand with our distributors, resellers, and partners to serve our many individual, SMME, and enterprise customers in South Africa and in other selected locations on the African continent.

We aim to demonstrate our unique positioning in the market at a time when global macro-economic conditions continue to have an even greater impact on the valuations of companies.


Making intelligent investments in sought-after assets

Our purpose is to grow Huge Group’s net asset value by investing in a combination of established cash-generating and high-growth companies, support their growth, and ultimately generate returns to shareholders.


We make informed, long-term decisions for our shareholders based on our investment expertise, particularly in the rapidly evolving and converging technology landscape and other areas where we identify opportunities. We have built an ecosystem of companies that can unlock exponential value, leverage economies of scale, and create opportunities through synergy, and we seek to empower them with structure, frameworks, advice, and critical support.

We empower the entrepreneurs that lead our PICs*, while trusting in their expertise. Together, we strive to grow our portfolio of investments both organically and through acquisition.


  • We provide sound governance oversight and corporate structures to our PICs

  • We facilitate liquidity through the responsible allocation of working capital

  • We focus on creating and enhancing entrepreneurial excellence

  • We leverage economies of scale, facilitate collaboration, and identify synergies that exist among our PICs

PIC is the acronym that we use when referring to our portfolio investment companies

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